Young Carers

Young carers  are  children  who  look  after someone in  their  family who  has  an  illness, a disability,  a mental  health  problem  or  a substance  misuse problem, taking on  practical and/or  emotional  caring responsibilities that would  normally  be  expected  of  an  adult. 

Does your child  help  to  look after  a  family  member  because they  have  an  illness  or disability? 

Swindon  Young Carers  provide support and advice.  This link to their leaflet, gives their contact details. Young Carer Leaflet.

If you would like to  register your child as a young carer, us this link


or contact Jayne Peer, our family support advisor.

Miss King and Mrs Peer support the young carers in school. 


Young Carers Action Day 2024 - Poster Competition!

Competition Details

The theme for the poster competition is "Young Carers: Our Unsung Heroes." We want your artwork to reflect the incredible resilience and dedication of being a young carer as you balance your responsibilities with your dreams and aspirations.

Concept: The theme for the poster design competition is "If I had a super-power, I would like to have ____”. We want your artwork to reflect your chosen superpower and how your super-power can help the young carer community, getting your voice heard by adults and decision makers.

It could be the power of telepathy to help communicate through the power of mind about the support young carers need.

It could be time travel to tell the future what support is needed for young carers.


Here are the wonderful poster competition entries from our Young Carers at Eldene!