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Year 2 Heron and Hummingbird

 Morning Herons and Hummingbirds!


Friday 3rd July

Happy Friday Year 2. I hope you have had lots of fun with your learning this week. One more day until the weekend when you can have a well deserved break!

Below is a video to get you up and moving. It's another Cosmic Yoga story. Enjoy!


Have fun!

Miss Green :)


Thursday 2nd July

Good morning Year 2. Below is a video all about Humpback whales. This is the same type of whale that is in our story. Have fun finding out some new facts about these animals.

Miss Green


Wednesday 1st July

Can you believe it Year 2? It's July already! Almost time to start thinking about the Summer. The snail in the story was able to go all around the world on the back of a whale. Hopefully you have drawn your whales already this week. If you haven't (or if you would like another go) here is a video that shows you how to draw a cartoon whale.

Maybe you could add some more sea creatures to go with him!

Have a lovely day :)

Miss Green and Mrs Fry


Tuesday 30th June

Hello Year 2- hope you have been enjoying the new story.

Some days it can be hard to stay happy and smile- especially when we are missing our friends and families. 

Below is an idea to keep your spirits up! It is a happiness jar. Today Miss Green is happy because she got to have chocolate pancakes for breakfast.


View document hummingbird/optional_practical_activity_-_happiness_jar.pdf

Have fun!

Miss Green and Mrs Fry


Monday 29th June

Morning Year 2! Hope you had a lovely weekend and are ready for another week of learning.  This week you will be using 'The Snail and the Whale' by Julia Donaldson.

Listen to or read the story first:


Here is the topic web for the week:

View document heron/snail_and_the_whale/the_snail_and_the_whale_home_learning_for_29_june_2020__year_2.pdf

 Here is the timetable for the week:

View document heron/snail_and_the_whale/week_11_year_2_timetable__29_6_20.pdf

Below are all the resources you will need for the week.

Phonics Grammar Year 2 29_6_20.

Phonics DAY 2 and-or-and-but_powerpoint

Phonics DAY_3_when-because-and-if_powerpoint

Phonics DAY_4_words_ending_-_le Powerpoint

Phonics DAY_5_words_ending_-_el Powerpoint

WRITING YEAR 2 29_6_20

Year 2 Newspaper Report PowerPoint

MATHS Year 2 29 6 20

MATHS_Year 2 29 6 20 ANSWERS


BLUE whale-fact-sheet.


RE-Jonah and the Whale story

 Have a good week.

Mrs Fry and Miss Green


Friday 26th June

Hello Year 2! Another week of fun and learning is nearly over. We hope you had fun! Miss Green had a water fight yesterday with the nursery children and got absolutely soaked! What did you get up to in the sunshine?

Miss Green also started reading a new book. It's about a princess who goes to live with a dragon. They go on an adventure together.

Have you read any good books lately? Why not send a picture of you reading your favourite book?

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Green and Mrs Fry


Thursday 25th June

Phew! Hasn't it been hot! Have fun in the sunshine but make sure to drink plenty of water and get lots of shade. Don't forget your sun-cream. Below is a fun and easy activity you can do in your own garden. All you need is a bottle, a sock and some bubble mixture!

How long will your bubble snake be? We would love to see some pictures!

Miss Green and Mrs Fry


Wednesday 24th June

Morning all! We hope you got chance to enjoy the sunshine yesterday. It's going to be a hot one again today!  Yesterday we enjoyed joining in with the animal movements using the video clip below, especially the tiger. You have a go and make sure you get a family member to join in too. Enjoy!

 Have a great day!

Mrs Fry and Miss Green

Tuesday 23rd June

Hello Year 2. Hope you had a good Monday! We are set to have some lovely hot weather this week so make sure you get outside!

Here is a summery poem for you to enjoy. Have a go at learning some if you like!

Miss Green and Mrs Fry


Monday 22nd June

Morning all! Hope you all had a great weekend. We enjoyed using Handa's Surprise and learning about the continent of Africa last week. We hope you did too. Look at the basket of fruit we made and the animal picture we did.


This week we will be using the story, 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' by Judith Kerr. 

First, watch or read the story of 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea'. Try and listen to or read the story more than once throughout the week.

Here is the topic web for the week:

View document heron/tiger_who_came_for_tea/tiger_who_came_to_tea_homelearning__year_2__22_6_20.pdf

 Here is the timetable for the week:

View document heron/tiger_who_came_for_tea/week_11_year_2_timetable__22_6_20.pdf

Here are all the resources you need for the week:

Phonics Grammar Year 2 22 6 20

WRITING YEAR 2 22 6 20

MATHS Year 2 22 6 20

MATHS_Year 2 22 6 20 ANSWERS


Tigers READING comprehension 22 6 20


Design a teapot activity

Tiger mask x1

Tiger mask x2

Tiger mask x3


Longleat Map and Plan Activity

Have a lovely week.

Mrs Fry and Miss Green


The websites below are very useful:

www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize - this is the new resource launched this week by the BBC to support learning at home, so please take a look. (I will start to add some of these to the timetable from next week).


www.phonicsplay.co.uk       Username: march20    Password:home


www.twinkl.co.uk       Username: march20     Password:home




Oak National Academy


Photo Gallery:

Great work again Annie! Lovely photos.



It looks like you had lots of fun with your learning this week Aayan- what a fabulous tiger mask!



Great work Clay!

Wow look at all your amazing work Julia! That bubble snake is so long!




Great work Logan! You are working so hard.


Wonderful tiger mask Ozzy! I hope you enjoyed making it.

Great work again Annie! Glad to see you exercising, even in the rain!


Wow Mia- I hope you saved some fruit salad for me! 


 Julia- what a fab bird house! Keep it up!


Aayan- I have been so impressed with your effort in your home learning! Well done!



Great work this week Logan!

 How cute! Ariana found a little frog. Thank you for sharing with us.


Well done for finding so many animals for you animal dictionary Mia- it looks like you have been having fun!



 Well done Aayan- I see you have been working hard on your handwriting! Keep it up!


I love your cartoon frogs Annie! 


Great work Eva! Lovely to see you getting outdoors and staying in touch with your friends. 

 Wow! Logan's been busy! I knew you would enjoy the science experiment and that Heron seems to have made an appearance again in our photos. 


Aayan has been busy using the 'Oi Frog' story to create his own illustrations. He has also been working hard on his Maths work. Keep it up!


David has worked hard to add to the 'Oi Frog' story. Well done David!

Julia has been working hard to make some new illustrations for Oi Frog. Well done Julia!


  You can still send us your photos. 

  Send to:  admin@eldene.swindon.sch.uk         


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