Statement of Intent for Writing


Competence enables children to develop a healthy and enthusiastic attitude towards writing which will stay with them throughout their life. We aim to develop confidence, clarity and imagination, application of phonics knowledge, writing in a range of genres and the ability to plan, draft and edit their own work. 

Curriculum design for Writing:

SPaG is linked to the daily ‘Talk for Writing’ lesson. Model texts include examples of the Grammar and spelling focus. SPaG is taught discretely.

Talk for Writing is used throughout the school and is taught in three phases - Imitation, Innovation and Invention. Children are gradually introduced to Talk for Writing in EYFS and this is built on as they move up through the school. 

Phonics lessons continue into KS2 where appropriate with an emphasis on application of skills in writing across the whole curriculum.

Curriculum Choices for Writing

  • Twinkl phonics and spellings (Infants)
  • Literacy Shed
  • Westover Green spelling resources  
  • Talk for Writing

Skill progression 2023-24 Composition

Skill progression 2023-24 Handwriting

Skill progression 2023-24 Spelling 

Skill progression 2023-24 Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation