Statement of Intent for Reading


We aim for children to become enthusiastic and motivated readers who are confident in reading a wide variety of genres and text types. We support children in developing fluency and understanding so that they can develop a love of literature and read for pleasure.

Curriculum design for Reading:

Synthetic Phonics is taught through a multi-sensory approach, including Jolly Phonics actions. Letters and Sounds is the scheme used across the school.

In EYFS,  the aim is for children to read in school individually in school, at least once a week and ideally more frequently, with a TA or a trained volunteer. Group Reading commences in Year 1 when appropriate.  Whole class teaching of reading is trialled in Term 6 only. In Year 2, whole class teaching of reading takes place every other week from Term 2. Group Reading takes place on the alternate weeks. 

In KS2, whole class teaching of reading takes place on three days of the week, and group reading on the remaining two days. Whole class lessons should be between 25 and 40 minutes long, depending on the year group. Year 6 have additional dedicated comprehension lessons.

All children have access to a school library and are able to take their library books home to enjoy. Families are able to access a range of levelled e-books through our subscription to the Oxford Owls on-line library. 

Children are encouraged to read five times a week at home in order to practise skills learned at school. This is celebrated in Friday assembly.

Curriculum Choices for Reading:

  • A mixed range of published schemes
  • A reading challenge set six times a year
  • Book Week
  • World Book Day celebrations
  • Scholastic book fair visits twice a year
  • Visiting authors
  • Reading picnics

Skill coverage Comprehension

Skill Coverage Word Reading