Statement of Intent for Reading


At Eldene Nursery and Primary School we believe that reading is the most important part of the school curriculum and an essential life skill. It is the key to learning in all subjects. Our goal is that all children learn to read rapidly, and we aim to inspire a true love of reading, whereby children are fluent, enthusiastic and motivated readers.

Curriculum design for Reading:

Progression in phonics is matched to phonic levels and pace is maintained to ensure that the majority of children secure all phonic levels by the end of Year Two. We use the Twinkl Phonics scheme that has been validated by the DfE. Reading books are well-matched to phonic progression, enabling children to practise their phonics on a daily basis, at home and in school. 

In EYFS,  the aim is for children to read in school individually, at least once a week and ideally more frequently, with a TA or a trained volunteer. Group reading commences in Year 1.  Whole class teaching of reading is introduced in Term 6. In Year 2, a blend of whole class teaching of reading and  group reading takes place. 

In KS2, whole class teaching of reading takes place every morning for around 30 minutes. Two days a week this is based on the class reader and the other three days it is based on other shorter texts. 

All children have access to a school library and are able to take their library books home to enjoy.

Children are encouraged to read five times a week at home in order to practise skills learned at school. This is celebrated in Friday assembly.

Curriculum Choices for Reading:

  • A mixed range of published schemes
  • Book Week
  • World Book Day celebrations
  • Scholastic book fair visits twice a year
  • Visiting authors
  • Reading events

Skills Progression 2023-24 Reading Comprehension by Year Group 

Skills progression 2023-24 Comprehension

Skills Progression 2023-24 Word Reading