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Reading Riot

Take part in the Eldene Nursery and Primary school Reading Riot!

Let’s make reading at home fun! Take part in some or all of our challenges listed below. Take a photo and send in to school so other people can enjoy your zany reading habits!

  • Make a reading den to enjoy your favourite stories in.
  • What is your best yoga or pilates pose for reading?
  • Can you read in every room in your house?
  • Read a bedtime story to your pet or a teddy.
  • Act out the most important part of the story.
  • Dress up as the main character of your favourite story, and then read it!
  • Where is the wackiest place you can think of to read a book?
  • Read a book via video to a family member or a friend who isn’t in your house.
  • Recommend a book to a friend.
  • Most important – fill in your reading gauge!


Colour in a segment every time you read a book or a chapter. When you have 24 reads completed, ask your grown up to let the school know. Your name will be added to the list of Reading Rioters on the website.

Prinatable Reading Riot gauge

Let’s make some noise about reading for fun!

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