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Nursery home learning activities 

This week's story is 'The Snail and the Whale'

All the things you need are here to explore the book and practice some skills at home. 

Below are the earlier Home Challenges - they can be done in any order so pick whichever ones you like! 

Remember we would love to see some photos of the things you are doing at home- school work or not!

Email your updates/photos to admin@eldene.swindon.sch.uk  


 WEEK 10 beginning 29th June -The Snail and the Whale

Share the book 'The Snail on the Whale

Write a postcard from the snail

Use these pictures to help to move like an ocean creature

Design your own snail shell


WEEK 9 beginning 22nd June -The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Share the book 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea'

Make a paper tiger

Make a tea party invitation

Make a tiger mask

Design a dinner for a tiger


WEEK 8 beginning 15th June - Handa's Surprise

Share the book 'Handa's Surprise'

Retell the Handa story with these stick puppets

Learn about weight of objects

Use these headbands to role play story

Practice cutting with scissors


WEEK 7 beginning 8th June - Oi Frog 

Share the book 'Oi Frog' 

5 Little Frogs

Learn about a frog's life cycle

Go on a number walk

Get active!


WEEK 6 beginning 1st June - Tiddler 

Share the story of Tiddler

Draw or paint a fish like Tiddler

Bubble paintings

Play with bubbles! 


WEEK 5  beginning 18 May - Tabby McTat

Share the story of Tabby McTat

Make a cat head band 

Draw your favourite animal 

Make a toy bed

Have a toys picnic


WEEK 4  beginning 11 May - The Smartest Giant in Town

Share the Story 'The Smartest Giant in Town' 

Design a new tie for the giant

Try some acts of kindness at home

Explore floating and sinking


WEEK 3  beginning 4 May - A Squash and a Squeeze

Share the story 'A Squash and a Squeeze'

Who lives in your house?

Act out the story

Make an origami house 

Exploring capacity


WEEK 2  beginning 27 April - Stickman

Read the Stickman story and try the quiz

Make a family paper chain

Make an edible stickman

Measuring with sticks (Maths) 

Make an animated Stickman


WEEK 1  beginning 20 April - Superheroes

Make a superhero cuff

Make a superhero mask

Make superhero stick puppets

Play superhero games

Be a super-reader! 


Useful  websites

Busy things

Busy things has lots of activities for a wide variety of subjects. If the children were in Little Owls they will have used this website before.


Username: home2371 

Password: gruff9452


The home learning hub is FREE and has loads of activities from Phonics and Maths to PE and even French! There is a daily timetable to help structure the day if you like having a routine, and lots of interactive games too. 


Activity Village

This site has lots and lots of craft ideas and instructions on how to make things, great if your child likes to make, build and create things! 


Oxford Owl free online books

This site has lots of free books you can read online or have read to you by clicking the play button so even very young children can listen to the stories if they can't read yet. You need to register for an account to access the books but it is all free! 


Real PE at home