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succeed together’

Nursery Little Owls

Happy    from all of us:

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 Mr Rowe says:

"Yesterday, I pulled up some potatoes from my garden. It was fun. The soil was very soft so I just dug around under the potato plants with my hands until I found five potatoes. But one of them was half-eaten! Hey, who has been eating my potatoes while they are under the ground?! Was it a slug? A caterpillar? Those potatoes are supposed to be my dinner! 



Today, I turned on my tap and it made me think about things that end with a   p   sound. I looked around the bathroom, and I saw some soap and a drop of toothpaste.

I went down to the kitchen and I found a crisp. I wish I had  a chip. I would put some ketchup on it. 

I would not go to a swamp unless I had a map. And then I would look out for a wasp!"



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Hi George - you look like a friendly Bat-George!

Hey Maddy! Are you......Robin Hood?!

Kian - that ice looks c-c-cold!

Toby - is that a dinosaur story?

Nathalie - your writing is very neat!

George - what's cooking?

Michal - what a lovely house you have made!

Nice tie Shansa - I wish I could try it on!

Hey Mia! Did you have a birthday?! Is there a chicken in the kitchen?