Little Owls Nursery

 ‘This is a wonderful nursery, led by an extremely skilled teacher’

External Nursery Advisor, June 2015.

This page is for any parent or carer who is considering Little Owls Nursery for their child.

Below is a brief introduction to the nursery.

A fuller guide to Little Owls, including the nursery's vision and methods, can be found here.

To put your child's name down for Little Owls you can download a a pre-admission form here or complete the online form below.



To see what Little Owls nursery children have been up to lately, click here or navigate to Little Owls in the school class pages. 

What is Little Owls?

Little Owls is the nursery of Eldene Nursery and Primary School. It is a setting for three and four year olds run by a qualified teacher supported by Nursery Assistants, and provides three hour sessions. It is open for morning and afternoon sessions Monday to Friday.

What is nursery for?

Nursery is a place for learning. The children do not sit at desks but learn the way three and four year old learn best – through supported play. A place at Little Owls Nursery is much more than convenient child care. It is the first step of a school education, involving developing your child physically and mentally through activities encouraging them to explore and discover.

Every session your child spends here is a time of intensive learning. We invest a great deal of energy and attention maintaining this intensity.

Who can attend Little Owls?

Although the nursery is part of the school, there is no obligation that your child goes on to attend Eldene full time. The nursery is open to any and all children, no matter where they live, though it is likely that most children from Little Owls will stay at Eldene. 

School support

As part of Eldene school, Little Owls enjoys all the facilities and resourcing advantages of a primary school. We can mix and match toys and resources, use facilities like the school hall for PE and make use of the school’s expertise and support  structures, for example in family support or helping children with special needs.

As our partners in the Early Years Foundation Stage, the school’s Reception classes work closely with us. Indeed, the nursery is managed as part of the school’s EYFS, and this enables a smooth transition for children who move on from Little Owls to full time school at Eldene.

Session times

Little Owls runs two sessions each day. The first is from 8.45 until 11.45am and the second from 12.15 until 3.15pm. Children can also stay all day (both sessions) with a lunch.

How much does it cost?

Every child of nursery age is entitled to five free sessions a week. Children who are eligible for 30 hours funding are welcome. At Little Owls, there is also the option to pay for extra sessions. The cost is £12 per session and various patterns of weekly attendance are possible. Children who stay for both sessions on any given day will need either a packed lunch or may pay for a hot lunch provided by the school kitchen.