Statement of Intent for History


We strive to inspire our pupils' curiosity to know more about the past. Our curriculum provides our pupils with a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain's past and that of the wider world.


History Protocol

History content

Through our History Curriculum, we teach appropriate subject knowledge, skills and understanding as set out in the National Curriculum History Programmes of study and Development Matters (EYFS).

Below you will find an overview of what your child will be expected to learn in each of the Key Stages.

EYFS Framework

Years 1-6 National Curriculum: History

Curriculum design for History:

The design of our History curriculum is supported by Cornerstones. As the children progress through the school, we teach a layering of knowledge and skills for History, mainly through cross-curricular topics. Although some content may be taught discretely, this means that History is not taught in isolation, and wherever appropriate it is linked to other areas of the curriculum, giving children the opportunities to develop and reinforce knowledge and skills already established in context. 

Skills Coverage for History

Curriculum Choices for History:

Whole school History events are periodically organised. These have included World War One commemoration events or immersion days. Lessons are enhanced by special visitors or trips where appropriate. Where possible, links to local and community history are made.