Design and technology

Statement of Intent for Design & Technology 


To develop children’s ability to solve practical problems with solutions which they design, plan, make, and evaluate, and to foster delight and resourcefulness in approaching them.


DT Protocol

Design & technology content:

In D&T, we teach as a minimum the expectations of  the Key Stage 1 & 2 National Curriculum Programmes of Study.

In the EYFS, D&T corresponds most closely with the The  World strand within the Understanding the World area of learning, and the Creating with Materials strand within the Expressive Arts and Design area of learning. These parts of the Development Matters guidance are our minimum coverage of the subject.

The links below will take you the relevant national curriculum documents:

Development Matters 2023

Years 1-6 National Curriculum: Design & technology

Our D&T curriculum is supported by the Cornerstones Curriculum resources. As the children progress through the school, we teach a layering of knowledge and skills, mainly through cross-curricular topics, although some content may be taught discretely.

LTP Curriculum mapping 2023-24

Skills Progression 2023-24

Curriculum Choices for Design & Technology:

  • D&T units of work may be taught in blocks of learning rather than weekly lessons.