Penguin Class

Welcome to Penguin Class!

World Penguin Day – Days Of The Year (25th April)

Penguin class is taught by Miss Farrell. Our teaching assistants are Mr Morrison, Mrs Griffiths and Miss Callaghan.

Our PE days are Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Homework will be sent out every Thursday and is due back in the following Wednesday,

Link books are due every Friday, with at least 5 reads in.


Term 6

Our topic this term is Beast Creator! We will be learning about minibeasts and their importance to the environment. Have a look at some of the pictures below of our hook day. We collected minibeasts, did a scavenger hunt, made a mini world and painted some minibeasts. 

This term Y5 and 6 performed Cinderella by Roald Dahl. Have a look at some of the pictures of the performance. 


Cinderella play Y5/6


See below for more information: 


Term 5

Our topic this term is Stargazers. We will be investigating all eight planets and learning all about them. We will be taking a look at the moon and how it orbits the earth! 

In Art we investigated different photography techniques. We looked at how photography has changed over time and different camera angles we could use. Take a look at some of our pictures below. 

Y5/6 Art pictures term 5


Y6 SATs revision and support:

SATs revision parent letter 2022

SATs revision websites



Term 4

This term our topic is Pharaohs.  Take a look at some pictures from our hook day! We were experiencing life in Ancient Egypt, including mummification, archaeology and Egyptian artwork and hieroglyphics. We also did some Egyptian dancing! 


Y5/6 Pharaohs hook day


Term 3

We are continuing with our topic from last term: A Child's War. We have had a D&T Hook Day where we have been learning about food during WW2. We have been making some delicious food! 



See below for more information:

Jigsaw Homework Term 3 

Parent/ Carer letter Term 3

Parent/ Carer web Term 3


 Term 2

We learnt all about World War 2 in our topic A Child's War.

We learnt about the experiences of child evacuees, the causes of the war and some of the ways the war affected people, such as rationing and The Blitz.


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 Jigsaw Homework

Parent / Carer  letter  Term 2

Parent / Carer web  Term 2


Term 1

Our Topic for this term is Hola Mexico! We will be learning about the Mayans, comparing Great Britain and Mexico, Frida Kahlo, Mexican food, to name a few! We will also be learning about Forces in Science.

Hook Day

On Tuesday 7th September we had our Hook day to introduce our Mexican topic. We took part in five activities over the day; making guacamole, making maracas, learning a Mexican song, making pinatas and tasting different Mexican snacks. 


Penguin Hook Day

Please see the below documents for more information:

Parent Letter Term 1 Year 5/6

Parent Welcome Meeting Year 5/6

The Jigsaw Homework is due on Monday 11th October.

Jigsaw Homework Sheet Year 5/6


Please find below our Topic web for this term.