Little Owls Nursery Class

This page gives Little Owls parents a flavour of what the children have been up to lately. If you are considering enrolling your child at Little Owls or are interested in more general information about the nursery, you may also like to look at our introductory Little Owls landing page. 

Below is an expanding photo gallery of some of our activities in nursery:

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Paperwork for Term 4    

Our topic for Term 4 is Growth & change

Click the links below for more details: 

Growth & change  topic plan 

Growth & change  detailed planning

Term 4 nursery newsletter


Jumping over

During PE in the hall, we have been jumping in all different ways. The children were so excited about jumping over things that we set up some simple hurdles back the nursery garden and the children jumped and jumped ... and jumped!


Round and round

Many things spin around. You can see we have played with quite a few - spinning tops, fidget spinners, marbles in big bowls, rotors. We even made pictures using the spin of a power drill to help. 



Upside down, back to front, and inside out!

Being able to say 'I don't understand! What's going on? I feel confused!' is an important skill for learners. Challenging conventions is also fun. We've been messing around and getting things mixed up. Using everyday items (like a coat!) to experiment with fundamental spatial qualities teaches children that they can learn anywhere and any time.


The Hole Thing

We did the hole thing and dug a hole to see what we could find. We didn't find any treasure but we did find some worms and some nice stones. And once you've dug a hole, you just have to climb in, right..?


Welcome to our new nursery starters!

We have some new faces this term. Well done to them all - and their parents! - for getting through the settling process and making themselves at home here.


Paperwork for Term 3    

Our topic for Term 3 is What if...?

Click the links below for more details: 

What if...?  topic plan 

What if...?  detailed planning

Term 3 nursery newsletter 


All aboard the hoop train!

This takes a bit of adult help to get going, but often keeps the children absorbed for ages as they feel the push and pull of various forces, help to establish a clear pathway, and see themselves as part of a greater whole. All change!


Read for pleasure

We have regular times in the nursery session when we encourage everybody to grab a book. This soon takes on a lovely relaxed hum as children share their favourite stories - or favourite parts - developing pre-reading skills and gradually beginning to explore the huge potential which reading holds. 


Light and shade

While thinking about light and colour, we've been messing about with torches and spotlights. It's easy to make a shadow but they keep changing shape as you move - what's that about....?


Fiddling fingers

Many different play activities require the children to use their fingers with precision and strength. And each one supports and boosts the development of the others so that the children develop the dexterity and versatility which adults take for granted.


Rose-tinted specs?

As part of our work with light and colour, we have been making spectacles of (and for) ourselves with these colour filters. If you do enough trial and error, you can make cool colour mixtures too. And in nursery, trial and error is our superpower!



As usual, we had our very own, tiny and quiet (shhhhh) firework displays. 


Cosmic balance

It's great to see the children's balance developing through various play activities. Equally amazing is the common drive they have to develop their physical skills. You don't need to tell a 3 year old to walk along a narrow bench - they are hardwired to test themselves. We just provide the benches, a bit of encouragement, and some tissues when things go wrong.PHO_RI4259} and some tissues when things goong


Paperwork for Term 2    

Our topic for Term 2 is Light & colour

Click the links below for more details: 

Light & colour  topic plan 

Light & colour  detailed planning 

Term 2 nursery newsletter 


Mechanical wonder

It's great to see the cogs turning as children realise that they must pull down to make the sand bag go up. And the bags are heavy - it takes a good effort to get them moving!


We're all in this together

This photo shows an unusually high level of cooperation so early in the nursery year. It's lovely to see this kind of fellow-feeling and is a good sign for the group gelling together.


Where are you going?

This simple barrier game is a good ice-breaker for children who are getting to know each other at the beginning of the year. The repetitive patterned interaction helps everyone feel confident. The driver gets to go anywhere in the whole world and the controller gets the power to say stop or go!


Drum beats

These pots and pans are ideal for fledgling drummers. The children have their own heart beat as a starting point for their musical journeys. 


Body fit

Adults take for granted how much space they take up. Young children have to learn this through testing in play. Will I fit through here? Will my leg get stuck in there? 


Welcome, new faces!

A whole new set of nursery children are getting to know each other - as well as new adults and a whole new environment. It's a lot to take in. By the end of the nursery session, there are some tired looking little faces!


Welcome back!

It's been lovely to see our returning children and get re-acquainted. Everybody seems to have grown over the summer!


Paperwork for Term 1    

Our topic for Term 1 is Who Am I?

Click the links below for more details: 

Who Am I?  topic plan

Who Am I?  detailed planning

Term 1 nursery newsletter