Little Owls Nursery Class

This page gives Little Owls parents a flavour of what the children have been up to lately. If you are considering enrolling your child at Little Owls or are interested in more general information about the nursery, you may also like to look at our introductory Little Owls landing page. 

Below is an expanding photo gallery of some of our activities in nursery:

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Playdough is as popular in the nursery as it has ever been. It is certainly invaluable for the children's fine motor control, hand-eye co-ordination and strength. And it's also an expressive creative medium. Last week, we had to throw away one lot when it got too crumbly - there was virtually a riot until we made a fresh batch!



Tidy up time

We try to encourage the children that it's ok to make a bit of a mess, but that we all help out with setting things right again. This goes down well most of the time, but there are odd days when everybody is conveniently 'too busy' for tidying! Using the right tools for the job is part of the fun, but even the simplest tools take a bit of getting used to...



Is it a bus? Is it a plane?

So much of young children's play has an imaginative element to it. The way their visions match-up (or not!) influences the social aspect of the play. When there is a difference - one child sees a car, another sees a bus and another a plane - there is sometimes a clash, but more often these differences lead to enrichment of the play as they bounce ideas off each other, changing direction smoothly. 



Learning together

Children are hard-wired to learn from each other. Yes, staff have an important role to play but in scenes like those below, the teachers and learners are intermingled and their roles can switch with every moment.


Reading for pleasure

One of our routines is that before the teacher reads a story to the class, the children choose their own books to share for a few minutes. Gradually, a wonderful peaceful atmosphere develops - the quiet hum of children developing a lifelong love of reading.


Down to earth

Gravity gives us so many fascinating phenomena and these nursery scientists are fearless in their studies! There are many variations in the way things fall, slide, and roll under the influence of gravity and, by repetitive play, the children gain first hand experience of the way this natural force behaves in different contexts. 


Where are you going?

This question is the basis of a simple game to encourage the children to talk during their active play. Queuing up at the barrier is surprisingly popular. Often an adult starts off the game but it is not long before the children realise they too can control the power of the barrier and become the one asking the questions!


Welcome back...and welcome for the first time!

It's good to see lots of children playing in the nursery again. Some have returned from last year, and others are brand new. It's an exciting time for most....but a bit anxious for some - waving goodbye to mum and dad is not always easy. But there are so many new people to meet, new friendships to try out, and new toys!


Paperwork for Term 1    

Our topic for Term is Who Am I?

Click the links below for more details:

Who am I? topic plan

Term 1 nursery newsletter