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Welcome to Goldfinch Class.

Our teacher is Miss Harding and our teaching assistant is Mrs C.

 We are a class of 28, with a mix of Year 3 and Year 4 children. Here you will find information about what we will be learning each term, useful documents and educational games. 


We had a great time visiting Bristol Aquarium and learnt lots about the the different sea creatures they had there. Our favourite was Shelia, who can grow to be as big as a car!

Goldfinch Trip


Term 4 -Traders and Raiders

Term 4 Jigsaw homework

Term 4 Parent Topic WebTerm 4 Parent Letter

Click here for some Viking facts and information to help you with our topic.

Click here for some more information on Vikings.

Here is the recipe for the Viking Bread that the children made on our Hook Day.


Term 3: Blue Abyss

This term, we will be learning about the oceans  and what lives in them. We already had a great hook day as you can see from the pictures below. 

Hook day 

We had great day together, dressed up as different sea creatures and the ocean/sea. We have spent time investigating floating and sinking, as well as creating different sea creatures. Also, we made our own Top Trump cards to play. The sea creatures have all been put on display in our classroom for everyone to see and enjoy.

Goldfinch Hook day Term 3


This week, in mathematics the children have been learning about 2D shapes and different types of lines. They can now tell you about horizontal and vertical lines, as well as parallel and perpendiculars. They had a great time hunting around the school for different lines. 

Goldfinch Maths T3



Term 2: Road trip USA


Again this term, Goldfinch class worked really hard to produce lovely pieces of homework. We loved seeing all the pieces and hope you enjoyed supporting your children to create them. 

We can't wait to see what is created in Term 3!

Goldfinch Homework T2


Ms Perry's spelling group.

We are learning how to spell homophones. Here is a game you may like to play.


Try to play on TTRockstars as much as you can. Remember to challenge each other (and your teachers too).



Useful documents: 

Topic web

parent web term 3 blue abyss.pdf


parent letter term 3 blue abyss.pdf


homework jigsaw sheet term 3.pdf