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succeed together’

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Term 4

Memory Box

 This term we are learning about our memory and things that have happened in the past. We will be looking at how we have changed in living memory and how life was different as a child in the past. 


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Term 3

Moon Zoom 

 This term we are learning about space and our Solar System. For more information about our topic see below. 

Below are some fun Space-themed websites to enjoy:


European Space Agency


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In Finch and Sparrow this term we are all joining Space Academy. As part of our topic Hook Day we had to complete an astronaut training camp, to make sure that we are physically fit. While we were doing our training an alien came to our classroom and left behind some materials to sort. During the afternoon we completed four different space themed science investigations.





Term 2

Bright Lights, Big City 

 This term we will be looking at London and The Great Fire of London. For more information about our topic see below. 

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This terms homework.

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Term 1


 This term our topic was superheroes.

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We started with an exciting dress up day where the children could come in dressed as their favourite superhero. During the day the children got to try out different super powers, solves a problem and stop a villain. They even got to make their own lollipop superhero. 


 As part of our History topic we looked at Grace Darling and what she did to make her famous. We found out about how brave she was saving peoples lives and what life was like for her afterwards. 



In science this term we have looked at our senses. We have learnt what the 5 difference senses do and we have tested to see how good our senses are. As a class we conducted a taste test to see if we could tell the different flavour of crisps. We also used our sense of touch to identify different objects while blindfolded. 


As part of our Design and Technology we were challenged to make a healthy snack for Batman. We had to decide which fruit to use and prepared a colourful fruit salad in line with our plans.