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Welcome to Reception  

Hello from all the Robins!

Our teachers are Mrs. Charles and Miss. Ingham.

Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs. Phillips, Mrs.Smith and

Mrs. Boateng.   

Our caterpillars hatched out and we were able to let 10 butterflies free. They were very beautiful and one stayed on Miss Ingham's hand long enough for all of us to have a good look. 

Looking for Minibeasts in our woodland area. We had a great time and found out a lot about the animals we found.

Trying out our Football skills. 

Our visit to Farmer Gows. We had such a great time the children were asking if we could go back the next day. 

We had a visit from a veterinary nurse who works for Vets for Pets. She told us all about how to look after cats and dogs. We had a go at using a scanner to find the microchip in her toy cat. She was very impressed with some of the questions the children asked and the children really enjoyed listening and learning with her.

We had a fantastic time learning some circus skills with Tom from Circus Sensible. We have brought some of our own plates to spin, bean bags and scarves to juggle and feathers to balance with. All we need to do now is practice!

We have been to visit our local garage - STS Motors. All the staff there are very patient with us as they show us around and answer our questions. 

This term we have been learning all about different types of transport. We went to Coate Water to ride on the train. We had a fantastic time, thanks to all the volunteers who run it.  While we were there we also had fun in the park and went on a scavenger hunt.

After reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears we made porridge and tasted it with either honey, syrup and jam. Honey was the most popular choice.

We have been enjoying the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We talked about her journey through the forest and had a go at drawing some maps to show a journey we could make. Here are some of the maps. 

Yesterday we had some really special visitors. George came to visit with Quince, who is a Guide Dog puppy. We all got to stoke and pat Quince, who is the quietest dog we have ever had in school. George told us all about puppy walking a guide dog and how to look after a dog. We also learnt that you need to ask the owner of a dog before you stroke it because not all dogs like to met new people.

The creative area in our classroom is always popular. Have a look at some of the things the children have been making.

All the children worked together to make this great big obstacle course around the playground. They had great fun.

Have a look on the display in the classrooms that has photos of some of us as babies. We also had a visit from Annie's baby brother and we asked Annie's mummy questions about how you need to look after a baby. 

We have also been thinking about healthy foods. We have had some lovely homework - healthy plates of food you have made and pictures of new fruits you have tried. They are all on display in the Theatre room. At school we made fruit salad and had it for snack. 

We went on a sound walk and listened really carefully to all the sounds we could hear around the school. The school is a noisy place and we don't think Mr.Bear would be able to sleep in school either!

The whole school had an afternoon for Grandparents. We told out Grandparents the story of Peace at Last and they helped us make some shakers to make sound effects for the story. We put rice in some and beans in others and used different pots so they all sounded different. 

Here are some photos of our Nativity play. 

We had a lovely visitor who came to talk to us about recycling. We had loads of fun and we learnt a lot too. If you want to know which rubbish to put in which bin, ask a Robin. 

We all had a great time making Gingerbread Reindeer for the Christmas Fair. They must have looked good because they were all sold! Thank you to all the parents who came along to support the Fair.

A Fire crew came to school  to visit us and they brought a fire engine. We had a lovely time using the hose and climbing into the fire engine. We also learnt 3 very important, life saving things.

1) If you hear a fire alarm or smoke alarm go outside.

2) If you find matches or a lighter give them to a grown up.

3) If someones clothes are on fire, Stop, drop and roll.

We have been learning all about Diwali and we made some Diya lamps. We lit the lamps and enjoyed looking carefully at the flames.

We went down to our woodland area to tell the story of Percy the Park Keeper - After the Storm. We had a lot of fun pretending to be the animals from the story. 

We went for an autumn walk around the school grounds. We made an autumn stick and attached all the different coloured leaves and objects we found outside.

We made vegetable soup. We had read Peter Rabbit and thought about all the vegetables he ate. We drew some pictures of the vegetables. They will be on the display board in the corridor outside our room. We made vegetable soup and we all had a little taste. It was really nice and lots of us wanted more!

We read Owl Babies and we went on an owl hunt in our lovely woodland area. We spent some time climbing trees and looking for mini-beasts afterwards. 

We had our first P.E. lesson. Great fun getting changed! 

Here are some photos of us settling in. We have had a good time getting to know each other and we are all getting used to school. 

This is our homework for Term 6.

Here is a topic web showing what we will be learning about for the rest of this term and the latest parent's letter which says how you can help.

We were lucky enough to have a new sandpit made for us at the beginning of this year. Here we are enjoying it.