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Welcome to Magpie Class!

Welcome to our class page! We have a mixture of Year 5 and 6 children in our class. Miss Brown is our class teacher. Mrs Gray and Mrs Swain work with us every morning.

Monday 22nd January 

Sun, Earth and Moon science

Today we went outside to do an experiment about the movement of the Sun, Earth and Moon. We had to draw a huge circle and the Earth had to orbit on it. Then we drew another circle in the middle of the huge circle for the Sun to rotate (in the end, it looked a bit like a doughnut). We found out that the Earth orbits in an anti-clockwise direction and that the moon is always facing the sun. We were a little bit dizzy after all of the orbiting and rotating!


Here is a group in action that we filmed.


Bloggers of the Week - Alyssa and Oakley  

Friday 19th January 

Grandparents Day!

Today we had an event at school where children were able to invite their grandparents to school for the afternoon so they could join us for an art lesson (and some tea and biscuits). We did some art that was inspired by The Scream (by Edvard Munch). Then the grandparents went to our celebration assembly. 

We all had a great afternoon and we hope to see all of the grandparents again soon!


Bloggers of the Week

Emily and Tania 

Thursday 4th January 

For our hook day we had an art gallery set up in the Infant hall, thanks to Andrew, who brought some paintings for us to look at. There were oil paintings, watercolour, threaded and silk paintings and an illusion painting. We did some sketches of the art that we saw. We used chalk, charcoal, pencils and graphite sticks on black and white paper. Here are some pictures... 


Bloggers of the Week 

Emily and Tania 


Gallery Rebels

After Christmas, Year 5 and 6 will be learning all about the history of art in our topic Gallery Rebels. 

Click here for the topic letter. 

Click here for the curriculum web.

Click here for the homework jigsaw. 

Monday 4th December

Today Magpies shared their Term 2 homework. We really enjoyed looking at all of the different and amazing pieces of homework. 

Miss Brown is very proud of everyone in Magpie class for working very hard! Keep it up! 

Thursday 30th November 

Today we became wildlife presenters. We went into little groups and we made a wildlife episode about the life cycle of mammals, plants and amphibians. We had a little plan that gave us some ideas and we changed little things to create our script. 

Each group performed and the group who was the most fluent and showed good teamwork won. Here are the winners! We hope you enjoy. 


Bloggers of the Week: Parisha and Izzy. 



Tuesday 31st October

On Tuesday 31st October Year 5 and 6 had their A Child's War hook day. We were evacuated to either Devon, Surrey, Kent or Cornwall. We experienced what it was like to have an air raid, to be a nurse, to have our food rationed and we sang some well known World War II songs. Here are some pictures of the day. We had a very fun day!


Friday 29th September 


This week in Talk for Writing we have been inventing our own myths. The bloggers of the week helped Miss Brown to choose someone to have their myth published on the website.


The Octopus Man

Long ago, in the crystal clear ocean, lived Octopus man. The Octopus man could not squirt ink and this made him feel very anxious as he slept under the colossal ocean. His family was tragically killed and eaten by an evil fisherman.

One day, when Octopus man went for a swim, something suddenly sunk in front of him. It took him a while to think of what it was but then he noticed it was the evil fisherman himself. The Octopus man was horrified and travelled back to his home. on his way home another fishing rod came out of his house and came down even closer than before. This time, it grabbed his tentacles. 

Now the fisherman reeled up his line and saw the Octopus man's tentacles and flung his line out and... The Octopus man wriggled free and swam away. The devilish fisherman pounded in and tried to catch him. The Octopus man was faraway from the quick swimming fisherman. One inch away... half an inch away... and SQUIRT, SQUIRT SQUIRT. The fisherman was covered in jet black gruesome ink. 

Now that cruel fisherman was dead and the Octopus man was crowned as the protector of the ocean and all of the sea creatures loved him.   

By Zac Bates 

Wednesday 27th September 

This week in Science we completed a science experiment. First of all we prepared everything we needed and then after that we had to test what would dissolve jelly the quickest. We had to choose from changing the temperature, mixing or size. We made observations of the jelly every few minutes. Ask a Magpie what they found out!


Bloggers of the week: Alyssa and Jay


Thursday 21st September

This week we have been completing more of our Dead of the Dead skulls. In each quarter of the skull we are using a different technique to decorate it. Take a look at the pictures below. What do you think so far? 


Bloggers of the Week: Lauren and Dominik

Friday 15th September

The winner of Reading Rabbit was given the opportunity to have the bookcase that was donated by the Duchess of Cornwall in their classroom for a whole week. Magpie class, who worked extremely hard with their 5 reads, won Reading Rabbit and the bookcase! We are lucky enough to read 70 brand new books.

We took some pictures of us with our favourite book from the bookcase. What is your favourite book?

Fingers crossed we keep the amazing bookcase next week too! Well done Magpies!


Thursday 7th September

Today we had our Hola Mexico hook day. We had a competition to see who could write a detailed recount of our hook day. 

Our winner was chosen by Miss Brown and the Bloggers of the Week (Nevaeh and David). Our winner is.... Emily Wright! Congratulations! 


Our Hola Mexico Hook Day

On Wednesday 6th September, Miss Brown revealed that we were having a Mexican picnic. It was to be Mexican food with all of year 5 and 6 on Thursday afternoon. We had a menu with 6 Mexican dishes that we could mix and match to our desire. Drawing our dish and writing the ingredients were next. So, when the big day finally arrived there was a lot of preparation. We made salsa, guacamole and wrap fillings. We also made sombrero hats and held them above our heads.

As we picked our food from the buffet and poured our tropical fruit juice, we made our way outside and the Wrens were already out there but the Golden Eagles weren’t. As the Golden Eagles got there we were just finishing and it was lovely. We’d all do it again.


By Emily Wright

Magpie Class Reminders

Year 5 and 6 Magpies

Reading: Please make sure you read at least five times a week. Remember to make sure an adult signs your reads.


Homework: Maths homework is due in on a Thursday and is sent out on a Friday. Please make sure you tell Miss Brown before Thursday if you need any help.


Year 5 Magpies

Click here for our puzzle piece homework for Term 3. 




Please make sure you have your P.E. kit in school every day. This term, we have P.E. on a Thursday afternoon.